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About us

Società Agricola Innovativa Le Gravine is a short chain start-up, which combines economy, innovation, territorial development, youth work, legality, eco-sustainability, environment and human and animal wellbeing.

The pins on which our entrepreneurial project revolves are innovation, sustainability, flavors and health.
We have only one mission: to nourish and delight palates in a genuine way with healthy and safe food, obtained in the maximum respect for the environment and in compliance with the Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian and Organic rules.

Cheese from vegetable rennet, halal, kosher
organic cereals and wheat

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Our products

Cattle breeding, goats, sheep


Cow, sheep and goat milk


Cheese and milk derivatives

Cheeses from vegetable
rennet without GMO*

(*patented vegetable coagulant
rennet without GMOs
Energy drinks from whey

Energy drinks
from whey

Our crops

Cultivation wheat and grains


Cultivation of olive groves for extra virgin olive oil production

Olive groves

Cultivation of wine grapes

Wine grapes

Cultivation of vegetables and fruit bio

Vegetables and fruit

We cultivate traditional Apulian cultivars: Senatore Cappelli, Appulo, Arcangelo, Duilio, Simeto to obtain wheat flour for the production of bread with mother yeast and wood-fired.
Farmer or breeder
Farmer or breeder
Investor in sustainable economy

Are you a breeder or a farmer?

Are you an investor and are you interested in developing organic and sustainable economies?

Are you a motivated young person looking for a job?

Contact us and let's talk about it together.
We are always looking for resources and resourceful minds to expand our offer and reduce waste of our land.

"Youth project"

You are between 18 and 40 years and want to get involved?
Do you want to help to improve your territory?

Still for a few days it will be possible to become part of Società Agricola Innovativa Le Gravine!
Contact us at +39 336 83 67 66 for more info.