Hiring & Employees

Società Agricola Innovativa Le Gravine, is planning the selection and recruitment of 189 young employees, between the ages of 18 and 40, all of whom will be members/employees.

The employee shareholders will make a subscription of Euro 20,000 each for a total of approximately 3,000,000 Euros and will hold, pursuant to art. 2468, paragraph 3 of Italian Civil Code, shareholdings with particular rights regarding the administration of the company or the distribution of profits.

Investors and Lenders

Minimum investment € 1,000 per person/company.
Membership will be allowed to: workers, breeders, farmers, suppliers, private investors, companies and institutional investors (credit institutions, business banks, sgr, investment funds, institutions, etc.).

Maximum investment € 1,000,000 per person/company, the minimum investment retention time is three years.

Lenders can grant loans from € 100,000 to € 1,000,000 with the purchase of convertible 3-year bonds, remunerated at 5% per year. After three years of financing, the bond holder will have the following options:

Lenders may be remunerated with financial instruments, company shares or similar securities. The income deriving from the attribution of these financial instruments or rights will not contribute to the formation of the tax base, both for tax purposes and for contributions. In this way, direct participation in business risk is facilitated, for example through the allocation of stock options.

Tax benefits for Italian investors

The project involves an investment of over 20 million €uro net of VAT.
Società Agricola Innovativa Le Gravine will benefit from the financial funds made available by the European Union, the Government, the Region and Local Authorities, and will seek to obtain financial assistance either through grants or subsidized loans. The project has been assessed to be highly profitable; private or institutional investors will benefit from a deductible tax credit of 30% of the investment, as confirmed by the "Industry 4.0" provision of the 2017 budget law.

Benefits for non-EU citizens - Italian citizenship -

Non-EU investors wishing to invest in Società Agricola Innovativa Le Gravine, in order to participate actively in the management/control of the company's activities, if their passport permits, investors must obtain a multiple and indefinite visa, a residence permit or Italian citizenship, based on the investment they will make: