Silvi pastoril


The silvi-pastoril refers to the management of the woods connected to sheep farming in a single environment, thus creating an eco-sustainable cycle in which the production of timber and fodder occurs without the use of chemical fertilizers.

Società Agricola Innovativa "Le Gravine" aims at the scientific planting and growing of the following crops: eucalyptus, wild lime, fragrant, oak, walnut and cherry. This allows for the creation of rapid growing deciduous and azimuthal forests, thus facilitating solar energy in the photosynthesis process.

The undergrowth, on the other hand, produces fodder with leguminous cultivars (moringa-gliricidia-leucaena), polifiti meadows and ranuculus acris, which are used alternately for mowing or grazing.

Everything is aimed at improving air quality and eco-sustainable development.