Sustainable Livestock Farming

Use of water reduced to a minimum

Energy from renewable energy sources

Consumers care more and more about respecting the rights of animals, protecting the environment and making healthy food choices.

A breeding that respects the right of the cattle to best express their natural behavior, must presuppose a perfect knowledge of their ethology. This would lead to even get the best production performance, reproductive and health. A fundamental concept is that well-being, in addition to being an ethical factor, is also a requirement of production. An animal that suffers under the physical or psychological profile will not be fully productive and, above all, will have a non-optimal fertility, health and longevity.

Moreover, with the techniques adopted by the "Sustainable Livestock Farming", the water necessary for the cultivation of hydroponic forage, the washing of feeding lanes and the milking parlor, is reduced to a minimum, due to it being recovered and recycled.

Regarding energy consumption, the "Sustainable Livestock Farming" provides for the adoption of systems for the production of biogas together with the use of renewable energy sources produced on site.