Pedometer Breeding

Monitoring of the health of farmed animals with a podometer

The welfare of farm animals is an important element not only for the animals themselves, but also for the health of human beings who consume their products: meat, milk and wool are products whose quality depends strictly on the health and living conditions of the animals during breeding. The welfare of farm animals is calculated by some fundamental parameters: nutrition, the hygienic conditions of the breeding systems, health, freedom of movement and grazing, stress levels.

Podometer with wi-fi connection

The revised podometer, whose patent is in progress, records data relating to the animal and transmits it in Wi-Fi every 6 minutes - 24 hours a day - 7 days a week to a specialized device for the management and control of industrial processes (PLC - Programmable Logic Controller).
It is used for the electronic recognition of the animal, the management of the herd, the detection of the animal's state of health and genetic improvement (antibiotics, mastitis, ovulation), heart rate and blood pressure, heartbeat, body temperature, motor activity, calorie counts, sleep / wake monitoring, milking control, camera, door opening/barriers, GPS locator